Clips from Rick’s new DVD/Blu-ray Video for Advanced Coordination for Drum Set and Hand Percussion

As I announced in an earlier post, a video supplement to my book Advanced Coordination for Drum Set and Hand Percussion is now available in both the DVD and High Definition Blu-ray formats. The video shows the many ways the book can be used to improve your technique and coordination. The video is over 2 hours long and contains 80 tracks. There are also two different audio tracks on each disc: one with a click track and one without. You can easily switch between these two tracks with a press of the audio button.
Please contact me from the site if you want to purchase a copy of the video.
The prices are-DVD-$15, Blu-ray-$20. shipping is $5.

All of the exercises in the following clips contain the click except for the solo tracks. Please allow some time for download since they are very large files.

This clip shows how to use the Rhythmic patterns on pg 8 to work on your Jazz Coordination
The Click is on 2 & 4.
Track 21 Jazz Coordination

This next clip shows how to use the Hand/Foot exercises on pages 121-128 to work on your jazz coordination. This particular exercise deals with broken triplets and 16th’s under a jazz ride cymbal pattern. There is also a window showing my bass drum foot in action.

Track 29 Developing Jazz Coordination using the Hand/Foot Exercise from page 127

These next two clips demonstrate how to play page 121 from the book around the drums. The first clip is using one bass drum note and the second clip is using two bass drum notes.
Hand Foot Coordination from page 121 One bass drum note

Hand Foot Coordination from page 121 Two bass drum notes

This clip demonstrates how to work on the modular rhythms in the book with the rhythmc patterns. Here I am using a left hand lead Brazilian ostinato.
Modular Rhythms Left Hand Lead

This clip shows how to apply the rhythmic patterns with your bass drum to a simple funk ostinato.
Backbeat Ostinato

There are 13 solos on the video which incorporate the techniques learned from the book. Here a a few of them.
Brazilian Style Groove Solo

Fast Afro-Cuban Style solo

Hand Foot Solo#1

Hand Foot Solo#2

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