I am now making drumsticks

June 23rd, 2010

I have been working on making drumsticks for a few years now and I feel like I have finally perfected the process. Within the last several months I have started to sell some sticks and all the feedback has been very positive. For the time being I am only making concert style (heavier) sticks.
I am using exotic hardwoods exclusively, many of which are somewhat rare. Since the wood is so expensive it does not make sense right now to make a disposable drum set stick.
Each pair is unique but I do have several different tips that I can recreate (see pictures).
I have tried to design what I feel is a specialty type of stick, not a replacement for what is currently available.
The sticks are a bit longer and heavier than the sticks available from other manufactures and of course the wood is different and truly beautiful. I have placed more weight towards the tip which makes bounces, double strokes, and loud rolls much easier. The heavier weight of the stick also helps to get a bigger sound out of a drum and is great for working on building your technique. Stick weights range from 60 to 80 grams. You can specify a weight. Thickness varies slightly but is usually around 5/8″ to 7/8″.

I also recently purchased a laser engraver which enables me to engrave names and designs onto the sticks.
Drummers World in New York City will soon be carrying the sticks. You can also purchase a pair directly from me. If you are interested email me at rickdior@carolina.rr.com.
Prices range from $35-$50 per pair. Shipping is free.

Here are some pictures.

from left to right, Wenge, Zebrawood, Bloodwood, Bocote, Yellowheart, Leopardwood, Purpleheart, Paduak and Bubinga

Here is a side view

Here is a picture of some of the different tips.

Here is a picture of some engraving. Almost anything can be engraved on the stick.

Sticks in bag 1

Cyrus Chesnut visits the Studio

June 23rd, 2010

Jazz piano great Cyrus Chesnut recently visited the Studio to record tracks for a new CD. He sounds as great as ever! Joining him are John Brown on Bass and Adonis Rose on Drums.
Here are some pictures:

Cyrus at the piano

Cyrus runs down some tunes

The trio listens back to a take

UNCC concert video

February 23rd, 2010

Here is a video of a concert I played on 2/2/10 with my wife Jennifer. It’s with the UNCC Symphonic Wind Ensemble and the piece is Dance of the Southern Lights by Eric Richards. This is a very large file so please give it time to load.
Southern Lights

Recent Article: Mike D’Angelo

February 21st, 2010

Here’s a nice article about one of my former students Mike D’Angelo who was up for a Grammy this year (which sadly he did not win.).

Anne Trenning Wins Music Awards

February 1st, 2010

Pianist Anne Trenning who has recorded all three of her CD projects at Acoustic Barn is getting great press for her latest CD “Watching For Rain” which Rick produced, arranged, orchestrated, performed on and recorded. “Watching For Rain” was nominated for 4 ZMR Awards, including “Album of the Year.” by zonemusicreporter.com. The CD was also named a “Best of 2009″ pick by Michael Debbage. Look at Anne’s website for numerous reviews on this recording, as well as reviews on “All One World,” (also produced by Rick) which was named one of the top five contemporary instrumental recordings of 2005. Her music is in the new age realm and she has a very large and loyal fan base as the following press reveals. Here are some more links and reviews:
You can buy the CD here amazon

and a link to Annes site
Annes site

New Percussion Ensemble Piece

January 24th, 2010

Here is a new percussion ensemble piece I have just completed called minor infraction. It’s for 13 players and is a grade 4 level. It was commissioned by the Jay M Robinson High School Percussion ensemble which is directed by Blair Smith. It will be performed at the North Carolina PAS Day of Percussion at UNCG on April 24th 2010. The recording is me overdubbing the parts in the studio.
minor infraction

Video Lesson: Second Line Drum Solo

January 24th, 2010

Here is a Drum Set Solo in a New Orleans Second Line style.
Second Line Solo

Video Lesson: Soloing in 3/4 time

January 23rd, 2010

Here is a video of me soloing over a 3/4 time hi hat ostinato. Please exuse the just woke up look and the hilarious expressions-Ahh, to be young again!
3/4 solo

Video Lesson: Playing Jazz in 3/4 time

January 23rd, 2010

This video demonstrates different ways to approach playing and soloing in 3/4 time. Please allow plenty of time for the video to load.
3/4 Jazz

Video Lesson: Jazz Ride Cymbal Technique

January 23rd, 2010

In this video I demonstrate how to develop jazz ride cymbal technique at many different tempos. As usual please allow time for the file to download.
Jazz Ride Cymbal Technique