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This page lists some of my equipment as a reference for students who are into this sort of thing.


Rick's Equipment
Currently most of my percussion equipment lives on the top floor of my recording studio. This is a large room -- 25 feet wide by 40 feet long with 13 foot ceilings. Since I use this room for teaching and recording, the equipment stays set up most of the time. I own well over 500 percussion instruments, so I’ll only list the big stuff.

Marimba: Custom-made Five-Octave “Marimba One” made by Ron Samuels. You can see his website at www.marimba1.com.

Vibraphone: Musser Pro Traveler Vibraphone.

Xylophone: Deagan Artist Special.

Xylophone: Deagan Artist Special, side view.

Xylophone: Deagan Artist Special, close up.

Timpani: Adams Professional 32” 29” 26” 23” with hammered copper cambered bowls.

Glock: Fall Creek Model 250.

Congas: Bauer Classic Model -- Quinto, Conga, Tumba, Super Tumba.

I also use an Alternate Modes Mallet Kat and various synth modules for composing and recording.

I own six drum sets (and yes, I use them all) including a Sonar Rosewood Jazz Kit, a Yamaha Maple Custom Jazz Kit, a Tama Maple Star Classic Kit,a Tama Exotix Bubunga kit, a Tama Birch Star Classic Kit, and a Yamaha Hip-Gig Kit. Here are a couple of pictures:

Miked Drumsets:

I have about 20 snare drums of all shapes and sizes. This gives me a very broad pallete of sounds for recording. (click here to see the variety). And I own a wide variety of cymbals including quite a few old K Zildjians that I almost always use when I record. I also use Paiste Traditional model cymbals that are, in my opinion, the finest cymbals available today.

Old Zildjian K

Piles of Snares

I also own a huge variety of ethnic percussion from Africa, Brazil, and Cuba as well as many out-of-the-ordinary percussion instruments such as these waterphones, Udu drums and clay drums:

The drumsticks I use for drum set are made for me by Vic Firth:

For orchestral work I use Reamer and Cooperman Snare Drum Sticks as well as a variety of Timpani and Keyboard mallets made by Mike Balter and Vic Firth.


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